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Representative Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman met with  members  of the US-Kurdistan Business Council (USKBC) in Washington to thank them for their support for Kurdistan over the years and provide updates on security, humanitarian, and political developments in Kurdistan.

IMG_3222.CR2 Ms. Abdul Rahman told the group, “Throughout our history, and particularly in this difficult year, the people of the Kurdistan Region have shown their resilience.”

  Since June 2014, ISIS terrorists have taken thousands of square miles of territory in northern Iraq, committing acts of genocide against Yezidi and Christian religious minorities and precipitating a massive flood of refugees into the Kurdistan Region. To date, over 1.6 million refugees from this crisis have found sanctuary in Kurdistan. Despite these challenges, Kurdistan continues to develop and prosper, increasing oil production and attracting foreign companies.

  In 2008, the KRG passed the Investment Law which provides highly favorable conditions to foreign companies looking to invest in the Kurdistan Region. Among the incentives include a 10-year grace period on import tariffs and taxes, and greatly discounted or free land for facilities.

  The USKBC is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating trade for American companies and strengthening private sector ties between the US and Kurdistan.

  The US leads foreign direct investments among western countries, in terms of both dollars invested and number of companies.

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