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San Diego, USA ( – Najat Abdullah, Director of Culture and Community Affairs for the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in the United States (KRG-US) spoke on Saturday to a group of leading American archaeologists at the annual American Schools of Oriental Research conference in California. Mr. Abdullah said, ‘Archaeology and the study of the past […]

ERBIL, KURDISTAN – IRAQ ( – A group of six Congressional senior staffers concluded a delegation to the Kurdistan Region on Friday, October 28 following four days of meetings with senior Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) officials, visits with refugees, IDPs, and Peshmerga , and to KRG institutions. The delegation consisted of staffers from foreign affairs, […]

Wall Street Journal Sunday, October 12, 2014 Leaving a U.S. Ally Outgunned by ISIS A Kurdish official has written to Defense Secretary Hagel pleading for the U.S. to honor its promises of military aid. by David Tafuri In President Obama’s Sept. 11 speech about combating Islamic State jihadists, he said that America“will not get dragged […]

Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq ( – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani yesterday met with US congressmen Adam Kinzinger and George Holding to discuss the latest security and humanitarian developments. The congressmen praised the Kurdistan Region on building upon opportunities presented after the removal of the Saddam Hussein regime. They said that the progress of the Kurdistan Region […]

Kurdistan region of Iraq (KR-I) most affected by recent wave of violence with over 850,000 displaced Iraqis this year Up to 1,8 Million Iraqis nationwide have been displaced since January 2014 Erbil: A comprehensive count carried out jointly by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the United Nations indicates that some 850,000 Iraqis have been […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—   August 29, 2014   On Thursday, August 28, 2014 the terrorists calling themselves the “Islamic State” (IS) released a video depicting the beheading of a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter. The video also showed captured Peshmerga being forced to denounce US-Kurdish cooperation against IS, as well as a parade of heavy military equipment […]

August 21, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – On August 20, 2014, the U.S. National Security Council confirmed the authenticity of a video purporting to be the execution of James Foley, a U.S. national who had been working in Syria as a journalist. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) joins the international community in condemning in the […]

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